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I Miss Her

I miss her

The way passion shined through her eyes

The creativity that passed through her mind

Crafty she was and more

Dancing between intelligent art of her own

Nothing could get between what was hers

At the moment that’s what she thought to be the truth

She thought she had it all figured out

Pain could be suppressed and put in a box

Under the deepest waters

She’d be fine if she kept the lie

But denial never provides a happy ending

I don’t remember exactly when I lost her

But the worst of it all was

That I didn’t feel the ripping or tearing

Didn’t even get to put up a fight

One morning she was just gone

And I was alone

I knew she’d never come back to me

At least not like before

She’d be only a shadow of what she once was

There wasn’t even that chance though

Because it was like she’d never existed here

Like she’d never danced on this Earth

No finger prints left behind

She was just gone

Only memories left behind

To look upon, but never look back on

I hope she understands how much I miss her

And I only wish I could have her once more

Even if it’s just a moment

Anything of her is better than nothing at all

Even a jar is better off with a penny

Than being an empty jar

How I miss her so.

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I will never not miss this show on CN. Star was always my fave <3  
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